Log canoe racing has long been a staple of Chesapeake summers. These races are the product of the late 19th century when recreational sailing was in its infancy, log canoes were transformed from their weekday use as workboats into fleet racing craft. Over the years, they’ve lost their use as oystering or fishing vessels, and instead have become the nimble vessels they are today— complete with enormous sails and hiking boards to carry human ballast.

1. “Flying Cloud” has her boomkin adjusted, 1958. 2. 19th century log canoe regatta postcard. 3. 1958 log canoe race, with “Magic,” “Flying Cloud,” “Jay Dee,” and “Mystery.” 4. late 19th century fishing party on log canoe 5. Log canoe race in Crisfield, Maryland, ca. 1922, 6. “Edmee S.” in race on Miles River, 2002. All images, collections of Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum.