Portfolio of published work:


Cambridge's RAR: Keeping it Local, Keeping it Real. Edible Delmarva, September 2017.

Red, Ripe and Rich! The Canned Tomato Industry of Maryland, 1880–1950. Chesapeake Log, Fall 2017.

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Tolchester Beach: Coney Island of the Chesapeake. Chesapeake Bay Magazine, March 2017.

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Carvers At The Crossroads. Chesapeake Log, October 2014.

Showboat Days Are Here Again: The James Adams Floating Theatre. Chesapeake Log, March 2014.

A Rising of an Early Moon: the Burning of the 'City of Baltimore.' Chesapeake Log, October 2013,

A Whale of a Time. Chesapeake Log, June, 2013.

Navigating Freedom: the War of 1812 on the Chesapeake. Chesapeake Log, March, 2013.

Beauty Under the Old Bay. Chesapeake Log, June, 2015.

A Season For Bay Oysters. Chesapeake Bay Journal, August, 2013.

The Two Chesapeakes. Chesapeake Bay Journal, April, 2014.

Growing Oyster Connoisseurship, One Brand at a Time. Chesapeake Bay Journal, December 2013.

Eating Our way To An Invasive-Free Bay. Chesapeake Bay Journal, July 2013.

Chesapeake Spring's Most Savory Species. Chesapeake Bay Journal, April 2013.

Livie has written for a wide variety of publications covering the Chesapeake's history, culture, and environment. Kate is available for freelance assignments, and can provide both text and photos for different media formats including print and digital formats. Read examples of her work below, or on her blog for the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, beautiful swimmers.