Kate Livie, Chesapeake writer, educator & Public speaker

Kate Livie is a professional Chesapeake educator, writer and historian. An Eastern Shore native, Livie is passionate about the Chesapeake Bay’s culture and landscape. An active commentator on Bay culture and environment, Livie has written about the Bay's history, foodways, travel  and traditions for publications from WoodenBoat to the Chesapeake Bay Journal.

 In addition to her writing career, she currently serves as adjunct faculty at Chestertown's Washington College, where she teaches about the Bay's environment, economy and heritage, and is founder and head creative at Alosa Communications.

She is an accomplished public speaker, and has presented at the Maryland Historical Society, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, the Calvert Marine Museum, and Washington College, among other places.  

Kate lives with her husband in Chestertown, Maryland, and to date she owns thirteen oyster knives.


To contact Kate: quitebrackish@gmail.com

For book sales or copies: sales@arcadiapublishing.com