A little Christmas history gift, courtesy of a 1960’s National Bohemian Beer campaign. National Bohemian beer, for all of you who are not natives of the Chesapeake, is the ‘traditional’ brew of Baltimore, produced in the city since 1885 by the National Brewing Company. Their trademark mascot, the beloved one-eyed mustachioed “Mr. Boh,” was introduced in 1936 and has since been embraced by Baltimoreans as an unofficial city symbol, and their 1950’s slogan “From the Land of Pleasant Living” has come to represent the attitude and approach of the Chesapeake lifestyle, then and now. The National Brewing Company changed hands several times, and before it was purchased by the Carling Company in 1973, it had the distinction of being the only operating brewery left in Baltimore. Today, it is still brewed by 'foreigners’ (a.k.a non-Marylanders) out-of-state, but Chesapeake folk still embrace the light beer as their own. Rare is the newspaper-covered picnic table, mounded with Old-Bay dusted steamed crabs, that isn’t garnished with icy bottles of Maryland’s traditional suds, 'Natty Boh’.