Bay Science 101


           A CBMM audience “diving into” Chesapeake biology. Pun intended.

Last week, before the Thanksgiving holiday, about 35 interested people from the Chesapeake Bay watershed (some from as far away as Cecil County or Pennsylvania!) gathered in the Bay History building here at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum to learn about Chesapeake aquatic life of both the swimming and photosynthesizing sort. Offered through a partnership between the Museum and Horn Point Labs in Cambridge, the two presentations, offered by Horn Point professionals, were the final sessions in a two-part series called “Chesapeake Science for Non-Scientists.” It was a great program; engaging, informative, and easily applicable to your neck of the Chesapeake, no matter how far North or South. Afterwards, the two presenters, Cassie Gurbisz and Angie Hengst, sent along their powerpoint presentations as PDFs so I could share them with any interested public (is that you? If so, send me an e-mail at and I’ll make sure you get a copy).

Looking forward, I hope to have different presenters begin to visit us from Horn Point regularly, so if you missed this program and want to bone up on Bay quality and critters, keep checking our website at for new offerings.

Lecture photo courtesy of Kathy Bosin.