Real time fish hawks


Osprey were born ready for a closeup. They were also born ready to say things like, “Go ahead. Make my day,” or “I pity the fool.”

Animal watchers are a hardy bunch. Usually awake, clothed, fed, and caffeinated, all before 4 am, they head out before sunrise to eagerly observe the object of their interest when it’s out and and about. Those observations often are high on the “suffering” factor and low on the “observation” factor- chiggers, mosquitoes, low temperatures, ticks, and inclement weather can all drive the most ardent enthusiast from their hiding spot, animal sighting or not.

The recent influx of webcams documenting different Chesapeake animals has been a boon to the comfort seeking or just plain lazy proportion of our population that wants to see cool animals- from their couch. Thanks to these tiny stationary “eyes”, you get to check out all sorts of things you’d normally only get to see through an expensive pair of binoculars from a remarkably uncomfortable stump, if you were lucky. Osprey, eagles, otter, fox, and once, even a lone black bear that somehow stumbled onto the Eastern Shore have all been followed, filmed, and discussed like the Kennedys.


                  A female osprey carefully turns her eggs.

Care for a little dabbling as a raptor paparazzo yourself? It’s completely mosquito-free, and a great way to have a nice long gander at some of the Chesapeake most fascinating recluses. So check out some of these great webcams and learn a little about the predators circling your backyard.

Blackwater osprey camera

VIMS osprey camera

Blackwater eagle camera

Delmarva peregrine falcon camera